Bicycle Accident Law

Bicycle Accident Law

Our personal injury law firm members are composed of a highly-skilled group of expert bicycle accident attorneys and have an exceptional record of winning claims on behalf of their clients.

Bicycle Accidents in the United States

Florida is one of the many car-centric states in the U.S. However, not only are cars and other vehicles that run on four wheels exists in the state’s roadways. Many Floridaridians also patronize bicycles, which are widely considered as one of the many alternate modes of transport.

In highly-urbanized areas such as those in Orlando and Miami, and other nearby cities and counties, the use of bicycles are rampant, as evidenced by a large number of bike lanes. However, they are often vulnerable on the roads, especially when they are close to other motor vehicles. A single negligent move could result in a bike accident.

Accidents in the United States involving bicycles result in either serious injuries or instant deaths. The chances of a biker’s survival after the accident would depend on how severe its impact was.

Every personal injury attorney knows that injuries suffered by a biker are usually more severe and that he or she may possibly need future rehabilitation and care for a considerably long time, depending on the severity or the permanence of the injuries.

Common causes of bicycle accidents

Bicycle accidents in the United States often happen because of another person’s negligence, or the failure to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances.

Such incidents are attributed to automobile and other motor vehicle drivers who fail to recognize the presence of bicyclists on the road. Some road errors that drivers commit that could potentially cause a collision with bicyclists include:

  • Complete disregard of passing bicyclists at intersections;
  • Opening car doors without first looking if there is an approaching bicyclist;
  • Failure to recognize bicyclists’ right of way; and
  • Failure to recognize bike lanes.

What to do after a bicycle accident?

If you are riding a bike and you suddenly collide with a motor vehicle, it would be best to have yourself treated right away, especially if you sustained significant injuries. Failure to do so may put your life at risks given that not all injuries quickly manifest right after the incident.

Also, if you are planning to file claims against the driver of the vehicle that hit you, your medical findings would be helpful in determining if your injuries were truly sustained in the accident, or that a previous injury was aggravated after the incident.

Aside from seeking medical help, it is also imperative that you consult an attorney who specializes in bicycle accident claims. The legal counsel will help you determine who is at fault in the accident, as well as the total amount of compensation you may be able to receive from the liable party based on the damages you incurred. The expert bicycle accident attorney will first have to make sure that what happened to you is of value when you consult him or her.

Why Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

But why seek legal representation in the first place? To begin with, the expert bicycle accident lawyer will assert your rights on your behalf, wherein your legal counsel will negotiate with the other party’s insurance company with regard to the amount of compensation you may receive.

Without the lawyer’s legal services, you may not have a good enough chance to be compensated in full for all your injuries and losses. As you may not know, insurance companies would try to offer you a settlement that is less than what you really deserve.

Another reason why it is important to hire an attorney for bicycle accident is for you to have a strengthened claim against the liable party. Your legal counsel will help you when it comes to collecting evidence, from the medical report regarding your injury, eyewitness accounts, to accident reports.

Proving the negligence of the other party in the accident through substantial pieces of evidence is probably the most important part of your lawyer’s representation on your behalf.


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